This is a North Shore Skating Club Learn to Skate USA (Junior Club) Membership only 

It is for those who require a membership to skate on North Shore Skating Club icetime, compete in Compete USA LTS competitions or for parents of Learn to Skate members to allow them to skate with their child in the Practice Area. Those using this membership to skate on NSSC Senior Club ice time will pay non-member walk-on rates.

This is not required of those who enroll in NSSC Learn to Skate classes during the current skating year since it is automatically included with enrollment for classes.

Expires June 30, 2022.


NSSC Junior Club LTS Membership (Not needed if registered for classes)

    • By registering for this membership skaters will be registered as representing members of the North Shore Skating Club with Learn to Skate USA.
    • This membership will expire on June 30, 2021 regardless of application date.
    • This membership will enable skaters to enter Learn to Skate USA Competitions and to skate on North Shore Skating Club ice time appropriate for the skater's level for an additional fee.  
    • Skaters using this membership must pay NON-MEMBER rates to walk-on to NSSC Senior Club Skating Sessions.
    • This membership is NOT A FULL US Figure Skating Membership nor is it a North Shore Skating Club Senior Club Membership.  Therefore this membership will not allow skaters to take USFS Skating Tests or compete in competitons above the Learn to Skate Level. 
  • All members of U.S. Figure Skating, including parents, guardians, coaches, and skaters, must be in compliance with “Safe Sport” Regulations (refer to our website at and have the responsibility to exemplify the highest standard of fairness, ethical behavior, and genuine good sportsmanship in any of their relations with others.  In addition, the Board of Directors of the North Shore Skating Club has voted to adopt a “zero tolerance” policy for its members.  We will not tolerate physical abuse, verbal abuse, or harassment by any of its members.  Behaviors or practices that endanger the health and well-being of others will not be tolerated.  Unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach, skater or parent will not be tolerated.  In accordance with the procedures outlined in the bylaws of the NSSC, members may be suspended or expelled for conduct that is improper.  Written complaints to the Board of Directors regarding such behavior will be dealt with seriously and swiftly.  Our skaters are our number one priority.